Welcome to our new webshop

Monday, May 25, 2020

Dear all!

After 3 years of researching, developing and marketing our products on the market, gaining a lot of customers from industry and retailers, we have decided to reach out to you (our consumers) directly. Positive expiriences and feedbacks are leading us into development not only new solutions but also new marketing and sales channels.

On webpage you will find products for cleaning and protecting various areas and materials in your home and vehicles. As a response to our new health challenges around us we have also developed a totally new line of products for neutralizing the growth of dangerous viruses and bachteria in your environment and on your skin.

For all of you not familliar with our work and mmission, we would like to invite you to "about us" page to find our why, how and what you can expect from us.

This page is not only for purchasing as it has been established for communication reasons as well. We are here for you in case of any questions or challenges.

We wish you a pleasent shopping,