Proper and regular vehicle care is important throughout the year. However, it varies considerably between seasons.

Between spring and autumn, the vehicle is mainly exposed to water, so the water repellency of surfaces is important for safe driving. Add insects, pollen and road fat, and it often happens that looking trough windscreen is almost impossible in the rain. Bird excrement, air rust and physical damage (scratches, hail, ...) are especially harmful to the body. Regular cleaning of the vehicle during this part of the year is necessary, but the frequency and aggressiveness of cleaners can be greatly reduced if the surface of the vehicle is adequately protected.

In winter, when frost and salt are on the march, the bodywork is especially put to the test. Unprotected surfaces react quickly with contact with aggressive salt and air rust, leaving almost irreparable damage. With prolonged cold, cleaning is almost impossible, so protection is even more important.

At KBX, we market products from the manufacturer Nanocoatex, which with its specialized advanced formulations is not only one of the few Slovenian manufacturers of cleaners, but also a manufacturer of advanced protective agents. With the help of nano technology and advanced silanes, you will adequately protect your vehicle for all seasons. Both interior and exterior.

CarProtect Plastic & RubberLeather protect9H Base

Problems we solve:

  • Rust – Although todays vehicles are made from metal sheets well protected from rusting, iron particles from brakes and other iron pollutions stick to the paint and under right conditions start to oxidize. With time they corrode the outer layers and paint starts to crack and peel.
  • Scratches – Its always a negative surprise finding small scratches on the surface of your vehicle (inside or outside). Those tiny scratches you get from just using the vehicle and not knowing you got it.
  • Weariness and fading – with time material gets tired and colours fade. Its due to UV light, pollution, salt, acid rain and other environmental impacts. There is no protection that lasts a lifetime, but with the correct and regular care, we can prevent or minimize the impact.
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