Solutions for Stone

Solutions for Stone are products for cleaning and coating of natural stone.

Cleaners are dvanced nano formulations with 100% biodegradable components. Do not contain acids or other harmful substances and can be used on daily basis. It can be used in high-pressure cleaners and on all porous and polished materials.

Coatings for natural stone are a hydrophobic and oleophobic impregnations for all mineral materials. Protection from dirt, water and moisture. They do not change the natural colour and appearance. Nanoparticles penetrate deeply into the impregnated material. Such protection is effective, durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions. For indoor and outdoor use.


  • totally biodegradable
  • easy to use (DIY)
  • NO acids or chlorine
  • for all porous and polished materials
  • for high-pressure cleaners
  • UV protection
  • hydrophobic and oleophobic effect

Problems we solve:

  • Erosion of stone, brick or concrete is a serious problem in most buildings, causing the physical degradation of both the inner and outer layers of the material. Acid rain and chemical pollutions are the main causes of mineral erosion.
  • The sub-capillary moisture is the largest source of unwanted moisture in buildings, causing the structural destruction of porous and polished mineral materials. Damage seen as wall cracks, damp spots, peeling colour,…
  • Growth of microorganisms such as fungi, moss or mould is a major problem associated with facade pollution. Microorganisms are flourishing if right conditions are in place – rain, sun, sticky surface.
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