Most important thing in our life is our health and health of our family and pets. Regular cleaning of both the interior and exterior of the home is directly related to your health. Even if we cannot avoid some diseases by cleaning alone, they can at least significantly reduce it.

However, not every cleaning of your surroundings is healthy in itself. Especially if we use aggressive chemicals for cleaning. It is not always true, but most mass cleaning products contain a lot of very toxic and aggressive chemicals. From corrosive acids and bleaches to toxic and aggressive chlorine. Regular use of such cleansers has been shown to cause asthma and other breathing problems, permanent damage to the skin and eyes. Small children and pets are especially at risk.

The answer to this are organic cleaners based on water or alcohol, free of aggressive chemicals and bleach. Effective and environmentally friendly surface protection further reduces the required amount of cleaners. At, you will find exclusively environmentally, human and animal-friendly products that cover the entire interior and exterior of your home. From biodegradable cleaners to protective coatings based on water, alcohol and silans.

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Problems we solve:

  • Greasiness and dirt - Effectively clean, disinfect and remove all sorts of dirt, impurities and grease from various areas in your kitchen, dining area, bathroom, toilet, terraces,... With our cleaners which do not contain acids or other aggressive chemicals and are totally biodegradable. Making it friendly to environment and your skin.
  • Damages - Securely protect different materials (glass, leather, ceramic, textile, etc.) with our protectors which based on nano-silver biodegradable formulation.
  • Erosion - Erosion of stone, brick or concrete is a serious problem in most buildings, causing the physical degradation of both the inner and outer layers of the material. Acid rain and chemical pollutions are the main causes of mineral erosion.
  • Organic compounds and salts - due to moisture, acid rain, pollen and other environmental influences, especially on rough natural surfaces, completely natural but eye-pleasing phenomena occur. Some of them can also be very dangerous for the respiratory system (mold). Remove them with natural cleaners and protect your surfaces with biodegradable preservatives produced using nano technology.
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