Its time for Nature

Our health can damage the nature

Our health is important and depends on cleanliness of our surroundings. For decades, we have been cleaning it with agents dangerous to our nature, our health and pets. Even today you can check your cleaning agents on ingredients; it is not always true, but most mass cleaning products contain a lot of very toxic and aggressive chemicals. From corrosive acids and bleaches to toxic and aggressive chlorine. Regular use of such cleansers has been shown to cause asthma and other breathing problems, permanent damage to the skin and eyes. Small children and pets are especially at risk.

They are all effective, no doubt about it. But what happens to flora and fauna if its regularly bombarded with all those toxins and acids?

In 2020 nature has shown us, how fast it can heal if we just slow down for a while. But there is a side effect as well. Due to Covid-19 fear we started using a lot more cleaning agents then before. Its normal and ok. But we have to take care about the ingredients that we send back to the nature.

Try something new

If you are already using environmentally friendly agents, we can help you with high efficiency of our products. If you are still not convinced, why you should be taking care of your environment and your own health, start with some of the products and compare the results.

CLEANY is a brand of cleaners which contain to acids, no aggressive chemicals or txines, are 100% bio degradable. Therefore, you can use them inside and outside. There is no danger to your skin, lungs or eyes even if you use them consistently. Worst case scenario is a burning sensation due to alcohol in some of the products. Mostly products are water based, with nano silver added as sanitizer.

Entire line of products is hypoallergic and can be used also for more sensitive skin.

You shouldn’t drink or inhale it though. Be careful, stay safe and take care of our Nature. We only have one!

Problems we solve:

  • GREASNESS - Effectively remove of all sorts of grease and oils in your kitchen and dining area with our degreasers which has entirely new biodegradable formulation. They are also friendly to environment and your skin.
  • DIRT AND IMPURITIES - Successfully clean and disinfected different materials (glass, leather, ceramic, textile, etc.) with our cleaners which does not contain acids or other aggressive chemicals and is totally biodegradable. Making it friendly to environment and your skin.
  • DAMAGES - Securely protect different materials (glass, leather, ceramic, textile, etc.) with our protectors which based on nano-silver biodegradable formulation.
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