Proper and regular vehicle care is important throughout the year. However, it varies considerably between seasons.

Between spring and autumn, the vehicle is mainly exposed to water, so the water repellency of surfaces is important for safe driving. Add insects, pollen and road fat, and it often happens that looking trough windscreen is almost impossible in the rain. Bird excrement, air rust and physical damage (scratches, hail, ...) are especially harmful to the body. Regular cleaning of the vehicle during this part of the year is necessary.

In winter, when frost and salt are on the march, the bodywork is especially put to the test. Regular cleaning is sometimes impossible due to frost and cold.

At KBX, we market products from the manufacturer Nanocoatex, which with its specialized advanced formulations is one of the few Slovenian manufacturers of cleaners. With the help of nano technology and high awarness to environment they have developed 100% bio-degradable cleaners for both interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Ideal material preparation for CarProtect coatings.

Carclean LeatherCarclean Rust cleanerCarclean foam


• totally biodegradable
• easy to use (DIY)
• NO acids, chlorine or other solvents
• for all vehicle materials inside and outside
• removing dirt, salt, iron particles and rust,…

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