About Us

Nano Coatex – Protecting Your Values

Environment does not have to be tough on us, and we do not have to be tough on our environment. As a leading developer and producer of all natural cleaning and protecting solutions we are here to help you protect what you value the most.


Either you believe in climate change or not, we all can do our best to keep it clean. If not for the sake of our own life and our own quality of life, let us keep it clean for our children. Moreover, for that we do not have to lose the quality and comfort of our lives. 
Science has the answer how to live the comfort life and still minimize our impact. At Nano Coatex we are all about that science.


Although cleanliness is all about preserving our health, we do damage it intensively while cleaning. The ingredients in most cleaners range from clean water to aggressive chemicals which should never get in touch with human skin, eyes, lungs,… Not only they produce burning and etching feels, they can cause the toughest of cancers, poisonings, influence hormones and damage our genetic materials. 
Using the decades of scientific research, customers know-how and own creativity team at Nano Coatex has developed formulas with maximum cleaning effect and minimum to none impact on your health.


Pets are in almost all households. Dogs, Cats, Rodents, Birds,… they are not just beautiful and playful, they help us keep mental health, teach us responsibilities or just make us look cool. Whatever the reason, they are here drinking, eating, breathing, and playing among us. Either we clean and protect our surroundings for them or because of them, aggressiveness of today’s mass-produced cleaning and protecting agents are hazardous for our beloved pets. 
Among the latest to arrive in the science focus are technologies that help us leave easier and healthier with our pets. At Nano Coatex we are not just following the trends but influencing them with the range of various solutions.

Protecting your values

Who we are

Nano Coatex d.o.o. and KBX are joining forces in research, development, production and marketing in the field of nanotechnology. Connecting latest scientific breakthroughs with the help of collaborating research facilities and you (our client). Meeting the expectations of our clients is our hygienic minimum; our passion is to excel, to develop unique and specialized formulas for new challenges and greener future.

Either you wish to tackle your current technological challenges in a new, more efficient way or you want to minimize the impact your business has on environment or workers, we are here for you. Our passion is to show you what is possible even if you do not believe. Years of expertise, new findings, scientific breakthroughs,… all connected in the formula that will protect what you value the most. What we value the most.

Make us think, make us move, make us develop,… make us protect what you value the most.

Our mission is:

"Being a key supplier of innovative products, solutions and services for customers in various industries, as well as being open to meet the expectations of our customers, promote new brands with social and environmental benefits"

Strategic objective is to implement the latest achievements of science in everyday life, with a view of both consumers and businesses. Every day we put most effort to provide highest quality professionally designed products that will maximize the satisfaction of our customers.

Nanocoatex meeting

We implement the quality policy by:

  • systematic analysis of customer needs and expectations;
  • collaboration with global leaders in the production of chemical raw materials;
  • strengthening market position by broadening our product range, reduce costs and increase productivity;
  • attract new customers and meeting their expectations;
  • continuous development of know-how.